Maximize fall fertilizer applications (see related article) by applying Gypsum with the phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). “Gypsum is a slow-release sulfur source for corn, but it is also great for leg

Variable Rate Technology (VRT) can be used for a variety of purposes to make automated applications of ag lime, fertilizer, seed, and chemicals as well. Federated growers most widely use VRT for ag li

Aside from the time it saves in the spring, fertilizer application is easier in the fall when it’s being applied on bean stubble or atop other unworked soils. Fall fertilizer applications guard agains

As 2019 crops slowly reach maturity and harvest comes into view, Federated’s propane team has made the necessary preparations for the crop drying season.

“With crops behind schedule throughout the Mi

Federated’s annual Discovery Plot Days begin next Friday, Aug. 23, in Isanti and continue the following week across Federated’s service area. This year’s Plot Days include two evening options as well

This past year’s harsh winter damaged or killed many alfalfa fields in Federated’s service areas and now it’s time to get a new crop growing. This is the week for fall alfalfa and hay seeding.


“Fall harvest is right around the corner and that time of year usually brings the best time to look at financing for next year's crop,” said Keith Steiner, Federated’s business relationship specialist

“It’s been a long year already,” said John Swanson, Federated agronomist at the Ogilvie location, but “remember to continue scouting for insects such as aphids and spider mites.”

Overall across Feder

Federated’s winter implementation of Proagrica, a new precision ag software package, translates into improved technologies at the most basic level – in the field. Along with the desktop software, Proa