If conventional corn is in this year’s crop plan, “start with an excellent pre-emerge herbicide with at least two active ingredients,” said Tim Stelter, Federated’s Osceola location manager. More than

With 5% nitrogen (N) and 6% zinc (Z), USA500® universal starter additive is a great complement to starter fertilizer programs, according to Brad Hipsag, sales agronomist at Federated’s Ogilvie locatio

Federated has a “pretty good wheat supply on order, but it is first-come, first served,” said Cody Lezer, Federated’s seed warehouse manager at Ogilvie. “Varieties we sell are Linkert and Bolles.”


“There’s nothing worse than when one of my [applicators] calls me and says they were spraying and got to the end of field only to find grapevines!” In other words, they discovered sensitive plants tha

Federated Agronomists say it over and over again: Start with a soil test. In the case of STPs – soil phosphorous levels – what the soil test reveals is vital to yields.

“Starting with a soil test, fr

XLR-rate™ is one of the go-to starter fertilizers Federated recommends when growers ask about in-furrow liquid fertilizer options, according to Mike Slater, Federated agronomy sales rep serving the Is

“The early order seed is in the shed now,” said Cody Lezer, Federate'd seed manage at the Ogilvie location. And it’s time to move it out, from Federated to the farms.

February is the ideal time to p

Federated Co-op’s custom application services are fully dependent on having the right information from growers. “When a farmer calls in and says he wants the ‘back 40’ sprayed, we need to know where t

“As we move into the 2020 crop year, we need to put some thought into the management of prevent plant acres,” said John Swanson, Federated agronomist at the Ogilvie location. “The biggest concern we w