It’ll be tempting with the late harvest and the rough year that preceded it to just git ‘er done and move on to 2020, but don’t be done quite yet.

“The weather environment of this past season was cha

“We’ve had tough conditions for harvest.” And the delayed maturity of crops has been “very challenging for growers,” said Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy sales manager. Harvest is proving to be “a

A wet and late harvest is quickly progressing throughout the five-state area, and as propane demands skyrocket, supply is not keeping pace. According to Mark Grave, Federated’s director of energy, pro

As the face of agriculture continually changes, so do some of the faces at Federated Co-ops. Adam Jahnz is the newest addition to the agronomy team; he joined the Co-op in April of this year as an agr

When the yellow striping and purple edges appear on the corn leaves, the magnesium deficiency is obvious (as in this spring 2019 photo). By the time a nutrient deficiency is evident in the plant, yiel

Federated offers very attractive prepay discounts on seed, and the sooner seed is locked in for 2020, the more money is saved.

Tight supply on new seed genetics for 2020 makes pre-buy an even better

It’s not as easy as it used to be, when the only choice was between Roundup Ready® or conventional seed. Nowadays, seed is far more complex; soybeans are especially so.

Corn seed basically comes down

Staying safe on the farm is no small feat, but careful attention to basic guidelines can make the difference between life and death. Tom Rausch, Federated’s safety director, pointed out two areas of g

When the crops are off and the weeds are still growing, it’s time for burndown herbicides.

Time and timing are important,” said Tim Stelter, Federated agronomist at the Osceola location. Federated’s