Safety Awards Program 2019-2020 results - “Safety Is No Accident”

Federated Co-ops, Inc. recently completed their 2019-2020 Safety Awards program on August 31, 2020.  As a company we can be very proud of our accomplishment.

The 2019-20 Safety Awards Program ending on August 31, 2020 results are in: Out of our twenty-five Teams, thirteen kept all their beginning points. Seventeen Teams kept 90%, or more and twenty-two Teams kept 80% or more of their beginning points. The daily safety efforts of each team member resulted in incredible results. This commitment to safety provides consistent service to our customers and aids to the comfort of their families knowing their loved one will be home safe and sound each night. As a by-product, success in safety also enhances our cooperative’s future insurability, image and success.

Congratulations to these Federated Co-ops Inc. locations that retained all their 2019-2020 safety points, they are: Moose Lake C-Store and Shop, Isle C-Store, Isanti Agronomy and Country Store, Ogilvie Agronomy, Ogilvie Bulk Transportation, Mora and Glen Propane, Princeton Country Store, Princeton Main Office, Scandia C-Store, Mora Country Store, Mora Downtown C-Store and St Cloud C-Store. Job well done. Tom Rausch, Safety Director.