Safety Awards Program 2017-2018 results - “Safety Is No Accident”

Federated Co-ops, Inc. recently completed their 2017-2018 Safety Awards program on August 31, 2018.  As a company we can be very proud of our accomplishment.

Out of our 36 Teams, 10 kept all of their beginning points and 17 Teams kept 90%, and 31 kept 80% or more of their beginning points.  The safety efforts of each Team Member on a daily basis made for incredible results. This commitment aids to the comfort of their families knowing their loved one will be home safe and sound each night.  As a by-product, success in the area of safety also enhances our company’s future insurability, image and profitability.

Beginning safety points are established by the number of Team Member hours worked at the location and the degree of risks involved with the location.  Deductions occur when incidents involve injuries, loss work time and damage to property.  Location inspections, monthly training, service and housekeeping documentation also are looked at for compliance and could result in deductions.

Extra points can be earned by realizing a potential hazard and acting in a way to prevent an incident using a Near Miss form to report it.

Congratulations to the following 10 Federated Co-ops Inc. locations that retained all of their 2017-2018 safety points, they have been presented a Plaque of Appreciation: 
Moose Lake Agronomy/Country Store, Moose Lake C-Store, Isle C-Store, Osceola and Scandia Propane, Albertville Agronomy, Princeton Main Office, Danbury and Gordon Propane, Rush City C-Store and St Cloud C-Store.

Job well done to the Teams at these locations and all other Teams that have accomplished this achievement in the past!  I’m confident that very soon everyone else will join them at this incredible level.  Tom Rausch, Safety Director.