Isle C-Store


925 S Hwy 47
Isle, MN 56342

Store Hours
Sunday 8am-3pm
Monday-Saturday 6am-6pm

We carry a full line of pop, snacks, cookies, candy, gum, salty snacks, and frozen items.

We also offer Non-Oxy Premium Gasoline for all the toys that you have.

We are blocks away from a public boat landing for Mille Lacs lake.

An addition of a propane refueller for your fish house or gas grill.

Live minnows, worms, leeches, and nightcrawlers, along with a selection of tackle in case you forgot something. Stop in, get a sandwich and a soda for your trip, fill up your propane for your fish house, buy your fishing or hunting license so you are legal, pick up a lottery ticket just in case you were unlucky on the lake, or just fill up your gas tank and use our updated, clean, and modern restrooms. Any reason you have to stop, we thank you for your business.