2019-2020 Scholarship Program Requirements

We recognize college costs have increased substantially in the last two decades, so Federated Co-ops has established this Scholarship Program to recognize and reward students from our local communities. In many of the communities we do business, we are a major employer with good paying jobs and opportunities for personal growth.  Our goal is to attract local talent to stay and raise families to help strengthen our communities.  Our hope is that students who receive funding will leverage these dollars to pursue an education that will enhance the future of our local communities. 


  • School District Senior [of the school they are applying through]
  • Federated Co-ops, Inc. member or current employee [supply member/customer#] 
  • Financial need a factor in consideration.
  • Student must enroll in a two-year or four-year accredited college. Educational focus being Agronomy, Energy, Retail or a service industry is preferred. (i.e., mechanic school)

We ask that after the student has been awarded their scholarship, a high resolution photo of student with signed release is emailed to ezillgitt@federatedcoops.com to add to our website. 

Financial Support:
We will contribute $1,000.00 to the student that is selected.

We ask that all scholarship requests are submitted on or before 4/15/2020.