Spring’s slow start is compressing the planting window, but there are ways to minimize the stress of a situation beyond anyone’s control. Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy sales manager, noted five

Good crop management practice includes soil and seed bed preparation. “The goal should be to achieve a firm seed bed with minimum moisture loss. It is also important to distribute crop residues,” said

The frost isn’t all out and the planters haven’t hit the field, but it’s last call for crop protection plans! “We need to have a plan A, plan B, and sometimes a plan C,” said Craig Loen, Federated agr

Federated provides custom application services for both crop protection and dry fertilizer. “We take custom application seriously,” said Tim Stelter, manager at Federated’s Osceola location. “It is a

2018 Soybean Discovery Plot Top 10

  1.  AG11X8 = 6.6 6th IN 2017
  2. Legend 14R22N = 6.5 TOP 10 IN ALL 6 ENTRIES
  3. S14-B2X = 5.4 IN ALL 8 PLOTS! (9th IN 2017)
  4. CROPLAN RX1450 = 5.2
  5. RENK 153NR2 = 5.0
  6. AG14X8

It’s as basic as knowing your ABCs: Use an adjuvant with herbicide applications. Adjuvants help herbicides perform better and also contribute to the “application characteristics” of the products. Rod

Spring planting yields summer weeds, and a strong herbicide portfolio will help control the toughest grasses and broadleaf weeds. Federated recommends private-label Palace™ for both pre- and post-emer

 “If you short your crops on potash, you could end up with poor root structure and a weak stalk,” said Kevin Johnson, agronomy sales rep at Federated’s Osceola location. Potash [potassium-based fertil

Corteva® (ag company of DowDuPont®) recently released the Enlist trait upon receiving full market clearance. “We will see Enlist in our 2019 Discovery Plots,” said Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy