Precision Ag Upgrades Benefit Growers

Summit SST sample screen

Things are always changing with technology, and to keep pace with ongoing advances in precision ag, last summer the Federated Agronomy team moved from an outdated software system to precision ag software from Proagrica, a global company that “pioneered geospatial data in connecting agriculture to the world,” said Gustafson, manager of Federated’s Albertville agronomy center.

In 2018 Proagrica acquired SST Software, which over the past 24 years grew to be used on 130 million precision ag acres. Today, under the Proagrica name, this software can handle more layers of data, analyze that data, and help Federated Agronomists communicate with customers in real time – all of which will “help [growers] make better agronomic decisions, which will improve their bottom lines,” said Gustafson.

Proagrica software is comprised of two parts: Summit, the desktop software, and Sirrus, the mobile app for smart devices and tablets that will be used directly in fields and on farms.

In combination, agronomists and growers gain the ability to take precision ag to an even higher, site-specific level.

“Proagrica improves agronomic management decisions by better organizing, synchronizing, and standardizing the data,” said Gustafson, adding that “site-specific ag” also allows growers to address the 4Rs of nutrient management: the right source, the right rate, the right time, and the right place.

Gustafson described how Sirrus will allow agronomists to capture real-time data and share it with growers on the spot, uploading several layers of data, including:

  • soil samples based on a grid or management zone,
  • EC mapping,
  • soil survey maps,
  • harvest data,
  • weather data,
  • crop health,
  • and crop pests.

Summit can create application maps for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, ag lime and variable rate seeding. Sirrus uses field imagery to assist in crop scouting, collect in-field observations with photos, record field activities, and share synchronized information with growers and agronomists. 

Data from both Summit and Sirrus is well organized through the Proagrica software; growers will have the information they need to make better crop management decisions, as well as the data they need to meet regulatory requirements.

Gustafson said, “The Federated agronomy team believes this new platform will improve the services we provide in site-specific ag for our precision ag customers. With more layers of data, improved interpretation of the data, and better communication, our customers can make better management decisions to improve their bottom line while being good stewards of the soil.”

Got questions about Proagrica specifically or precision ag technologies in general? Your Federated Agronomist will be glad to provide more info.