Maximize Nutrients to Improve Yield

VersaMax(TM) AC

In a season racked with weather issues, maximizing yield with strong nutrient applications is vital.

“VersaMax™AC is a blend of macro and micronutrients that can be applied as a foliar feed to help maximize yield on your farm,” said Kevin Johnson, Federated ag sales rep at the Osceola location. VersaMax AC helps “spoon feed your crop,” which will help overcome deficiencies.

As a supplement to a standard fertility program (not as a stand-alone product), VersaMax AC should be applied before deficiencies occur; for crops with severe deficiencies, a second application should be done two weeks later.

VersaMax AC helps improve plant health by providing efficient delivery of N and K, along with essential micronutrients such as S, Fe, Mn, and Zn. It also has great tank mix compatibility to add to a complete nutrient management program. (Johnson offered a quick reminder to “test the compatibility with other products in a small jar before mixing large quantities, to eliminate [potential] issues.”)

 “Soybean application of VersaMax AC should be done around the late V stage or early R stage. Corn applications should be done around the early V stages or at VT-R3 stage along with [other] insecticides,” said Johnson.

Recommended application rate is 1-2 qt./ac., sprayed at a minimum of 10 gal./ac. Always read and follow label directions. And talk to your Federated Agronomist with any questions or concerns.