Late Crops, Later Propane Needs

corn August 2019

As 2019 crops slowly reach maturity and harvest comes into view, Federated’s propane team has made the necessary preparations for the crop drying season.

“With crops behind schedule throughout the Midwest we expect a high level of consumption that will tax both propane supply and transportation infrastructure,” said Mark Grave, Federated’s director of energy.

However, Federated is combatting potential shortages by sourcing propane “at multiple pipeline and rail terminals throughout the state,” said Grave, noting that Federated is fortunate to have invested in its own rail unloading site in Cambridge to receive propane shipments directly from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota, and Canadian suppliers.”

Federated strives to foresee orders – based on historical data and seasonal estimates – and receive propane shipments before demand peaks, but it is a challenge.

Growers can guard against possible shortages by placing orders before need is imminent, and by filling all dryer propane tanks well before the combines hit the fields.

Then, “once the dryers are running,” said Grave, “communicate regularly as to what delivery schedule will be needed for uninterrupted supply through the harvest season.”

Contact Grave or your Federated Agronomist with questions about propane. Plan now to avoid crop drying issues later this fall.