First Comes Snow, Rain, and Cold. Then Come the Weeds.

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The crops may get in late, but the weeds won’t wait. Planters will barely be back in the shed before the sprayers will need to be in the fields to start weed (and disease) control. Maximizing the effectiveness of pesticides is vital. Federated recommends many products to improve performance, a few of which are Array®, Plexus®, and Legion®.

Array is a target performance adjuvant that “increases the deposition, retention, and performance of post applied pesticides,” reported Rob Reinking, Federated ag sales rep at the Albertville location. He added: “Array is specifically designed to improve herbicide performance by reducing antagonism in the spray tanks, delivering more herbicide to the target weeds and improving herbicide uptake.”

Array also:

  • - increases penetration throughout plant canopy and improves spray pattern;
  • - improves spray droplet retention by 30%;
  • - allows more herbicide to penetrate the leaf surface;
  • - reduces crystallization on the leaf surface;
  • - decreases evaporation, leaving droplets on the leaf surface longer.

Plexus offers a “great advantage,” said Reinking, “when used with a burner herbicide product” for soybean weed control. Additionally, Plexus:

  • - increases retention, wetting, spreading, and pesticide coupling;
  • - increases penetration at the cellular level for maximum effectiveness;
  • - keeps spray where it is supposed to go; protects against fines for spraying near sensitive areas.

Legion is the pesticide performance-enhancing product Federated recommends specifically designed for glufosinate formulations. “Legion is a great product to pair with Interline® while spraying your glufosinate-tolerant soybeans,” said Reinking, to “increase control on troublesome broadleaf weeds [such as] waterhemp, pigweed, and giant ragweed.”

Got questions about getting the most out of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides? Talk to your Federated Agronomist.