Federated’s New Scouting App Gets to Work in the Field

Sirrus satellite imagery

Federated’s winter implementation of Proagrica, a new precision ag software package, translates into improved technologies at the most basic level – in the field. Along with the desktop software, Proagrica offers Sirrus, the in-field app, which puts site-specific field data in the hands of growers and agronomists quickly and efficiently.

As growers and Federated Agronomists scout fields, Sirrus captures data on crop health, insect infestations, diseases, and even crop damage. Sirrus gives growers the ability to assess crop information across all their fields, which in turn makes field recommendations easier.

The Federated ag team can synchronize data among themselves and with growers, keeping everyone in the loop on crop progress and needs. In turn, the ag team can make and share recommendations with a simple click, record field activities in real time, and produce layered imagery that depicts crop health, deficiencies, pests, and more.

The Sirrus app allows scouting information – GPS-referenced, in-field pictures and data – to be shared back and forth between grower and agronomist. A grower can drop a pin; an agronomist can look at it and respond back to the grower with site-specific recommendations. The flow of information is very fluid.

Rob Reinking, Federated ag and petroleum sales rep at the Albertville location, said, “Using Sirrus this year for scouting has been great for evaluating crop stands and monitoring weed pressure. With this year being cool and wet, analyzing our scouting data will assist with management practices at hand yet before harvest,” for example, with top dressing and pesticide application.

Growers who already use precision ag can enjoy the benefits of Sirrus this season, even as the Federated agronomy team invites new growers to jump on the precision ag bandwagon and take advantage of these time-saving, yield-promoting technologies. Contact your local Federated Agronomist to learn more.