Adjuvants Boost Herbicide Performance

adjuvant word cloud

Adjuvants improve herbicide activity and are essential to effective herbicide applications. An effective adjuvant addresses these primary factors:

  1. Weeds vary in size, surface, and structure.
  2. Weeds differ in their ability to absorb herbicides.
  3. Spray droplets can easily drift off course.

Post-emerge herbicide applications typically, “clean up after the pre-emerge herbicides,” said Adam Jahnz, Federated agronomy sales rep at the Rush City location. Adjuvants help ensure the effectiveness of these applications.

Some of the adjuvants Federated recommends include Array®, Plexus®, and Legion™.

Array is a drift control and deposition aid mixed with AMS. Federated generally recommends it with glyphosate applications to keep them on target and provide consistent performance. Array improves the spray pattern, increases plant penetration, and improves droplet retention by 30%.

Plexus, a methylated seed oil (MSO) with guar, is formulated for the “highest concentration to get the most activity in the plant with the normal amount of herbicide,” said Matt Kurtz, manager of Federated’s Rush City agronomy center. Plexus “softens the blow,” per se, of burndown products such as Flexstar GT® and Cobra®. It lessens drift, reduces droplet bounce, and increases droplet retention on the plants, and minimizes the amount of burn from the MSO.

Legion is a surfactant adjuvant “basically made for generic glufosinate,” said Jahnz. With the Liberty® seed system, Federated typically sprays Liberty® glufosinate, but some growers prefer a generic alternative. Legion boosts the effectiveness of the generics to match the effectiveness of Liberty glufosinate. (Important note: Legion is not for use with Liberty herbicide.)

“As cash flow gets tighter around the farm, and weed control is the #1 issue, using the right adjuvant can increase the efficacy of your herbicide program,” said Jahnz, adding that  “adjuvants can make you more efficient with fewer passes, and give you better weed control.”

Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy sales manager, added this perspective on adjuvants: “Over the years, I’ve found that the adjuvant recommendation and product choice really increases the performance of the herbicide. The adjuvants have gotten better over time and have added a lot of value.”

Talk to your Federated Agronomist to determine which adjuvants fit your weed management needs and plans.