Service, Reliable Supply and Planning Still count



Federated has a proud history of service and reliability in supplying gasoline and diesel fuel for our farmer customers and heating oil for homeowners. We continue to invest in storage equipment and exception fleet trucks.

We also shifted our petroleum division to improve efficiency and reliability by combining three bulk refined-fuels plants into a single facility at Ogilvie. Facilities in Pine City and the upgraded Cambridge location add efficiency, including tanks for biofuels, and they also meet current environmental requirements.





To broaden customer options, we’ve expanded product capability to supply E-85 gasoline as well as biodiesel in bulk. Federated works hard to make sure our bulk fuel customers are equipped with correct size tanks because we can offer them better pricing if we make less trips to deliver the fuel they need.

We were a big blender of soy-based products but soy-diesel has been crimped by high soybean prices and extreme world demand, particularly in China. We always try to keep customers informed about opportunities such as pre-buy.