In what other businesses is Federated Co-ops a partner?

Along with three other co-ops and Land O’Lakes® Purina Feeds, Federated owns 10% of Munson Lakes Nutrition (MLN), a feed manufacturer at Howard Lake, MN. MLN supplies bulk feeds to our customers who are livestock producers and bagged feeds to Federated Co-ops’ Country Stores. Federated Co-ops is also the majority owner of M.I.K Trucking, which transports energy and agronomy products from rail and pipeline terminals to Federated bulk plants or direct to the customer. In addition to the above, Federated Co-ops has marketing relationships with Askov-Finlayson Co-op (Askov, MN) in propane, with Centra Sota Cooperative (Buffalo, MN) in agronomy, and with Sunrise Ag Co-op (Buckman, MN) in propane.