Larry Linquist Celebrates 40 Years with Federated Co-ops

Larry Lindquist

Larry Lindquist celebrated 40 years with the co-op on November 21, 2017. Over Larry's 40 years with the co-op, he has made many contributions in all three of our departments; Agronomy, Energy and Retail. He started his career in retail at a gas station in Cambridge MN. He then moved to the agronomy team and currently delivers fuel to our customers within our energy team. His customers always know that he will be there when needed; rain, snow or shine. In some cases, he is delivering to the third generation of farmers. His customer consider him part of their operation. He has delivered over 30 million gallons of fuel across our trade territory during his tenure. He truly enjoys seeing his customers and providing them with great customer service. Larry is a true asset to the co-op and is a key contributor to our customers success. Happy Anniversary Larry!