K-9 Donation

K-9 Donation

Dear Mille Lacs County Business Owner/Citizen

My name is Kyle Burton and I am a Deputy Sheriff with the Mille Lacs County Sheriff's Office. I have served you as a Mille Lacs County Deputy Sheriff for 6 years and it has been my career goal to be a K9 handler. The Sheriff's Office had to put our K9 "Tracker" down in 2010 due to health reasons. K9 Tracker had many years of dedicated service to all residents of Mille Lacs County. Since then, there has been a great void within the Law Enforcement Community in Mille Lacs County because no other agencies in our county have K9 units. We have been calling other counties to come over into Mille Lacs County with a K9 to assist us in locating narcotics and fleeing suspects. However, the communities that these other agencies serve take first priority and often times they are not available to come into Mille Lacs County to assist us.

I worked with former K9 Deputy Terry Boltjes for many years while he had Tracker and assisted him in training of the dog. I personally witnessed the benefits of having a K9 and saw K9 Tracker locate and apprehend many suspects. Sheriff Lindgren realizes the tremendous resource that a K9 is to Mille Lacs County and has decided to replace our K9 unit. Sheriff Lindgren has appointed me to be the new K9 handler. I now have the task of raising money in the form of donations. Your donations will go towards the purchase of a new dog and sending the K9 and I to an intense 10 week training course. Once trained and certified, the K9 will be able to locate and detect illegal narcotics as well as locate and apprehend fleeing suspects. It will also be utilized to assist law enforcement and search and rescue in locating lost persons and children.

The total approximate cost for this project is $10,000, and this covers the cost of the dog ($7500) and the training class ($2500). Due to budget constraints, we are asking for your assistance in this matter to help us meet our goal of getting a new K9 unit purchased. trained and out in the community serving and protecting all residents of Mille Lacs County.

The training class for the dog and I will start on April 11th, 2011. The dog needs to be purchased and paid for prior to this date. Performance Kennels will be traveling to Europe in the month of February to select and import K9's back to the United States. They will be then be providing the 10 weeks of training which will be held in Brooklyn Park, MN. As such, timing is critical in this matter and that is why I am writing you this letter now as these events will begin to unfold in the coming months.

I will be personally going to over 60 businesses all over Mille Lacs County asking for donation assistance. I am asking for your help to ensure that we meet our goal and can get another K9 unit out patrolling our neighborhoods. Sheriff Brent Lindgren has set up a donation account for the project. The name of the project/account is the Mille Lacs County Sheriff's Office K9 Donation Fund. Donations may be mailed to:

Mille Lacs County Sheriffs Office
Attn: K9 donation fund
640 3rd St SE
Milaca, MN 56353

The main number to the Sheriffs Office is 320-983-8250 or fax 320-983-8343.

If your have any questions about our program or police dogs, I would be happy to speak with you. My direct number is 320-980-6254 (work cell) or 763-219-7593 (personal cell). I can be emailed at:


Thank you for your time in considering this request.

Deputy Kyle A. Burton
Mille Lacs County Sheriff's Office