Despite the bad rap farmers and the American ag industry gets for applying leachable products on their fields, corn crops truly need nutrients that don't leach away. Thus, side dressing is the best pr

Because nitrogen (N) is very susceptible to loss through volatilization from the soil into the air, it is very important to protect the nitrogen that is applied. According to Russ Overass of Rosen's,

Kevin Carlson, Federated's senior agronomist, advises to watch for crop nutrient deficiencies now, especially these:

  • Nitrogen,
  • Phosphorous,
  • Sulfur,
  • Magnesium,
  • Zinc.

Once deficiencies are diagnose

Federated Co-ops, Inc. salutes the dairy farmers of east-central Minnesota and west-central Wisconsin, many of whom are members of the Federated family. There's no telling what life would be like with

Alfalfa is a high-value crop, but getting and maintaining a healthy stand requires more than good rain and plenty of sunshine. Craig Loen, Federated Agronomist at the Osceola location, offered these t

As planting comes to completion the inclination is to take a breather, but before that happens, get out and scout. "Protect your investment . . . make sure it's right (ground proofing)," said Tim Stel

Plant health gets an added boost with VersaMax AC, an enhanced nutritional micro blend that can be applied on corn, soybeans, and more. Federated recommends this product as a "tool for improving overa

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Those farming practices are the ones that are economically and environmentally sound, and backed by good research.