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  • Introducing Palace Corn Herbicide | Early Season Discovery Plot Results in Corn
  • 2017 Discovery Plot Results for Corn Hybrids
  • Ma

Talk around Federated lately sounds more like chefs making their grocery lists than agronomists making their recommendations, but the analogy is a good one. What groceries are to a chef, nutrients are

The choice to apply start-up fertilizers – the appetizer in a corn crop’s nutrient meal – comes down to three options: orthophosphates (orthos), polyphosphates (polys), or a combination of the two.


While Federated Agronomists parody “groceries” and how to “feed” every crop the right nutrient “meal,” Ryan Peterson (pictured) is determining how to actually serve up the meal, as it were.

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Once crop nutrient decisions are made, there’s one more item to add to the “grocery” list: a good crop protection plan, starting with a solid pre-emerge herbicide.

Panther® SC, a post-plant/pre-emerg

Monday, Feb. 19 Osceola @ Legion
Tuesday, Feb. 20  Rush City @ Chuckers
Wednesday, Feb. 21 Ogilvie @ Northern Lights
Thursday, Feb. 22 Albertville @ City Hall
Friday, Feb. 23 Isanti @ Captains

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In today’s tight market, getting top yields is essential. Craig Peterson, Federated Agronomist at the Ogilvie location, highlighted a one key to obtaining top yields: “Getting the proper nutrients in

Getting the most out of every input at a cost growers can afford brings Federated to recommend Parallel® herbicide, the generic version of Dual®.

Parallel is a cost-effective option for managing smal

When Federated Agronomist Rod Gustafson (pictured) started as the assistant manager at Albertville in the mid-1990s, RoundUp Ready® crops were new and ag technology was slowly gaining momentum. Corn p