The saying goes that “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” Wishing for better yields, lower input costs, or higher corn prices doesn’t make it so. But planning helps.

Keith Steiner, Federated’s bus

What’s the advantage of pre-buying, one might ask? Once again, the adage applies: A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Pre-buying or pre-paying is all about the plan. “It’s a step that you get taken

Federated’s Director of Agronomy Operations Craig Gustafson reflected on the past agronomy season: “2018 started out looking like it was going to be a total disaster,” when snow piled high in mid-Apri

It's time to lock in seed choices for 2019, but before that happens, consider weed control.

“The seed and seed traits growers purchase now determine the herbicide options for 2019,” said Kevin Carlso

Discovery Plot harvest is done, and the results are in, but none of that would be possible without the plot cooperators who “donate their time and resources to make the Discovery Plots possible,” said

When Craig Gustafson took a job pumping gas at the Polk County Co-op during high school, he never imagined he’d someday become the director of agronomy operations of Federated Co-ops. But that he did.

2018 Crop Performance

“The weather has finally improved and harvest is progressing,” said John Swanson, Federated agronomist at the Ogilvie location, noting that growers have said soybeans yields are

Harvest is nearly complete for 2018 Federated Discovery Plots. Soybean results are in, and corn will be in soon.

According to Craig Gustafson, Federated’s agronomy operations manager, “ Soybean yield

As the temperatures drop and harvest nears completion, crop management takes a brief break, but Kevin Carlson knows that running a successful cash crop operation isn’t a one-season job. He understands