“This year could be a stressful as last year … due to the amount of snow … and the amount of tillage that didn’t get done last fall,” said Slater, sales agronomist at Federated’s Isanti location. To l

The TV ads show weeds laughing … until Acuron hits … but it’s no laughing matter when the tough weeds choke out a crop. Because of the mounting need for strong pre-emerge herbicides, Federated recomme

“We need to be very diligent with the management of our herbicides,” said Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy manager, as he described how growers are “down to using [herbicides with] multiple modes o

“A common misconception is that gypsum is a liming agent, but it is actually pH neutral.  It does, however, provide 21% calcium (Ca) and 17% sulfur (S). It is a great source of season long sulfur,” ac

Growers struggling with glyphosate resistance can turn to Interline™, a generic glufosinate. It’s another option in the fight against tough weeds, according to Tim Stelter, manager at Federated’s Osce

“The value of a seed prescription (Rx) is that it saves on seed costs, increases yield, and optimizes your seed return,” said Rob Reinking, agronomy and petroleum sales rep at Federated’s Albertville

Federated welcomed Mike Slater to the Isanti agronomy team last fall with what began as a part-time position that turned into fulltime agronomy sales this winter. As a local boy himself, Slater is set

Polar vortexes and sub-zero temps push the frost deep into the soil and spring soil temps will rise slowly. When planting presses on this spring – even in colder soils –  XLR offers a way to get nutri

Getting a handle on the most difficult weeds means controlling them early. “It’s common for growers to hear they need to control their weeds at. . . two inches or less,’” said Rob Reinking, agronomy a