Federated Co-ops is excited to announce that we have purchased the Agronomy Plant, Country Store and Cenex Service Station from Moose Lake Co-op on January 8th of 2018. Federated is a locally owned co

It’s time to sit down with a Federated Agronomist and discuss Federated’s Product Service Policy (PSP). This important document outlines the responsibilities of both growers and Federated for “safe, s

“It’s not a new product, but rather a new name,” said Kevin Carlson, Federated’s senior agronomist. “Palace™ is a private label premix of Dual II Magnum® plus Calisto® that has a wide range of applica

Effective nitrogen (N) management plans require strong fertilizer choices, and SuperU® stabilized nitrogen fits the bill, according to John Swanson, Federated agronomist at the Ogilvie location.


Keith Steiner, Federated’s business relationship specialist, reiterated the reminders of the past two months: financing is available through Federated to take advantage of lower interest rates and pri

Someone once told me, the older you get the faster time goes. I am a believer! I have now been in my role over two years and it seems like yesterday when I started. Without a doubt, the best part of m

During the 2017 growing season, the Federated Agronomy Team planted, monitored, and harvested 17 Discovery Plots: nine soybean plots and eight corn plots. Each plot was planted with specific soybean v

While this fall has been challenging, there have been bright spots. Yield has been higher than most expected and the weather came around to allow most growers to get a lot of the harvest completed. We

"Your investments in seed traits and genetics are important to protect," said Craig Gustafson, Federated's eastern division agronomy manager. Rather than wonder how seed will fare against disease and