Plant health gets an added boost with VersaMax AC, an enhanced nutritional micro blend that can be applied on corn, soybeans, and more. Federated recommends this product as a "tool for improving overa

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Those farming practices are the ones that are economically and environmentally sound, and backed by good research.
DeVries continued, "SuperU is a granular urea fertilizer  that maintains a 46-0-0 analysis.
State regulations have become more stringent, which require the licensed individuals to show their applicator certification license at the point of sale (POS) for every "Restricted Use Pesticide" purc
Federated's ongoing goal is to provide current agronomic knowledge and Best Management Practices that will give growers the best return per acre.
Federated Agronomists are ready to help you find the right combination of products for your soybean weed management program.
Seed treatments help plants from Day 1, and can improve stand counts and promote better root growth to help plants find nutrients.
The workshops: soybean traits and herbicide programs; differences between seed traits and herbicides in the trait packages.