Federated welcomed Mike Slater to the Isanti agronomy team last fall with what began as a part-time position that turned into fulltime agronomy sales this winter. As a local boy himself, Slater is set

Polar vortexes and sub-zero temps push the frost deep into the soil and spring soil temps will rise slowly. When planting presses on this spring – even in colder soils –  XLR offers a way to get nutri

Getting a handle on the most difficult weeds means controlling them early. “It’s common for growers to hear they need to control their weeds at. . . two inches or less,’” said Rob Reinking, agronomy a

Even if nutrients are present in the soil, if the soil pH isn’t right, those nutrients remain unavailable to the plants. Neutral pH is 7.0. Higher levels indicate alkaline soil, and levels below 7.0 a

Sulfur (S) is a secondary nutrient, not because it is of lesser importance to corn, soybean, or alfalfa plants, but because plants use sulfur in smaller quantities than they use the primary (macro) nu

It’s not too early to reserve your place at Federated’s 2019 Grower Workshops. This year’s events will be held in early to mid-March at the following locations. Watch for more information in upcoming

Engenia® herbicide, a BASF product, has been re-registered with a requirement of annual dicamba training for all applicators. BASF will offer this training at several Minnesota locations in late Janua

There are fundamental principles for managing weeds in soybeans that apply to all tillage systems and trait platforms, including conventional systems. Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy manager, said

Things are always changing with technology, and to keep pace with ongoing advances in precision ag, last summer the Federated Agronomy team moved from an outdated software system to precision ag softw