Why are Seed Treatments Important?

Disease diagram

"Your investments in seed traits and genetics are important to protect," said Craig Gustafson, Federated's eastern division agronomy manager. Rather than wonder how seed will fare against disease and insects, Federated offers peace of mind to growers with EPA-approved seed treatments that can help protect seed and seedlings from harmful early season diseases and insects.

The disease triangle above illustrates the three components needed for disease development: a susceptible host, a virulent pathogen, and a favorable environment. Plant diseases can be prevented by eliminating any one of these components.

The value of seed treatments is in their ability to minimize or eliminate the pathogen, which breaks the disease triangle.

"What does this mean to you, the grower?" asked Gustafson. He offered the following list of benefits.

  • Treated seed can be planted earlier, in spite of early season pests.
  • Seed treatments provide an early defense against disease.
  • Treated seed germinates better.
  • Treated seed produces higher stand counts.
  • Seed treatments give plants a healthy start with more rapid root and plant growth.
  • Seed treatments protect yield potential. 

Contact your Federated Agronomist to formulate a seed treatment program that will provide you with both peace of mind and return on investment.