Warrant® Arrests Troublesome Weeds

spring spraying

Getting a handle on the most difficult weeds means controlling them early. “It’s common for growers to hear they need to control their weeds at. . . two inches or less,’” said Rob Reinking, agronomy and petroleum sales rep at Federated’s Albertville location.

Between weather and the need to get planting done, soybean herbicide applications are bested by early season challenges. “At Federated,” said Reinking, “we highly recommend applying pre-emergent [herbicides], and layering a residual to keep full-season emerging broadleaf weeds, such as waterhemp, under control.” And Warrant is a great product for season-long control.

Here’s what you need to know about Warrant.

  • - It’s a slow-release encapsulated acetochlor.
  • - As an encapsulated product, it protects against burn damage and herbicide-induced necrosis.
  • - It is activated with rain.
  • - Warrant works very well on ALS- and glyphosate-resistant weeds (e.g., waterhemp, lambsquarter, and grasses) to provide a kill before weeds steal nutrients from the crop and rob yield.

Warrant can be applied from pre-emerge to R2 in soybeans. Federated recommends applying Warrant pre-emerge followed with a post application 28 days later (mark the calendar, set a reminder!) to keep fields clean season long. Talk to your Federated Agronomist to outline your plan to arrest the toughest weeds with Warrant.