Thinking Ahead: Weeds in Soybeans

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Jake Hansen, Federated agronomist at the Rush City location, mused that “weed control in soybeans has been slightly better in 2018 than 2017 . . . and most of that can be attributed to growers identifying their problem fields and planning ahead.”

However, improvement doesn’t mean the weeds were beaten for good. The problem weeds – common waterhemp, giant ragweed, yellow nutsedge – will continue to cause issues unless they get the attention they require. Starting now.

“As harvest begins,” said Hansen, “it will be important to be scouting for weeds from the combine.” Watch for weeds, take note of their locations, and consult your Federated Agronomist as needed.

“We can help identify what you’re up against,” Hansen said, “and [we can] also identify ways to help control the problem.” Effective weed control is a combination of “cultural, chemical, and mechanical practices,” said Hansen, and your Federated Agronomist can help determine which practices best fit your growing operation.