Thinking About Pre-Emerge Herbicides . . .

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The headline says “pre-emerge” and it’s July, and that’s not a typo. Today, midsummer, it’s time to assess the effectiveness of the pre-emerge herbicides applied early in the season. Or, if pre-emerge applications weren’t done, what do the fields look like now?

Federated Agronomists persistently promote pre-emerge herbicides as part of a solid weed management plan because without them, the weeds can take charge and no amount of post-emerge treatments can overcome their control, especially with resistant weeds.

On fields in Albertville this spring, Sonic and Blanket were applied pre-emerge on high pH soils, and on other soils, a tank mix of Sonic and Glory was applied – both with excellent results, according to Bob Marquette, Federated agronomist at Albertville.

Rain was a factor in the equation, and those fields without rain didn’t look as good as the ones that got the moisture, but the ones with rain are proving the value of pre-emerge herbicides.

Of course, Marquette said, “these pre programs are always followed by a post program.” It’s the combination of pre and post that helps ensure effective weed control, even on the toughest weeds.

The Discovery Plots in Albertville (tours in August) will show the results of the herbicide combinations mentioned here. Be sure to watch for plot tour info and plan to attend. See for yourself how pre- and post-emerge applications can benefit your bottom line.

And talk to your Federated Agronomist now with questions or to help gauge next year’s weed management plan in view of this year’s weeds.