Seed is expensive, and protecting that investment is made easier with high-quality seed treatments that are relatively inexpensive and that "protect seed from issues that arise throughout the growing season," said Lezer.

"Seed treatments help plants from Day 1, and can improve stand counts and promote better root growth to help plants find nutrients," he said.

Federated offers CruiserMaxx with Vibrance, as well as Clariva Complete seed treatments.

  • CruiserMaxx helps protect seeds from above- and below-ground insects as well as seed- and soil-borne diseases.
  • Vibrance offers a fungicide component that enhances root health and improves the potential for larger root mass.
  • Clariva Complete leads the way in seed treatment to combat soybean cyst nematodes (SCN).

Choose either the CruiserMaxx/Vibrance treatment or the Clariva Complete treatment to provide the best insurance against disease and insects (see fact sheet ) .


Federated's Ogilvie bulk seed storage bins -- installed in 2016 -- store up to 14,000 units of soybeans, all of which are ready for treatment based on grower need.  Contact your Federated Agronomist soon to place your seed treatment orders.