Seed for '19: It's All in the Genes


The 2019 growing season starts before the 2018 season ends – with seed selection.

Federated’s Senior Agronomist Kevin Carlson pointed out that if you don’t choose seed with yield potential, nothing else matters.

The best genetics have the best yield potential.

Federated’s Discovery Plots (this week and next) are the showcase for new genetics, giving growers the chance to see how the various traits actually look in the field. The traits that produce high-yielding corn or soybeans are found in the seed.

Federated can help with plant nutrition and crop protection. Federated Agronomists can help find solutions to challenging production issues growers encounter. And, “we want to be your trusted seed advisor,” said Carlson, because, in the end, “it all starts with the seed and genetic selection.”

Your Federated Agronomist is ready to help answer your questions about seed choices for the upcoming season. It’s not too early to place seed orders, especially for seed products that are new or in high demand. (Attend a Discovery Plot Tour to see what’s new – details below.)

Find what fits your fields. Learn what performs best in your geography. Discover what works for your production practices. Talk to your Federated Agronomist soon. Order early.