Racer ™ DSA Puts Crops on Track for Better Yield

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“Understanding the role and importance of micronutrients is the next chapter in unlocking yield potential in corn and soybeans,” said Patrick Kopesky, Federated agronomist at the Ogilvie location.

Federated has been experimenting with micronutrient mixes to find the best recommendations for growers in Federated’s service areas. Racer™ DSA is one such mix; it is a dry starter additive (DSA) that can be blended and incorporated into pre-plant dry fertilizer mixes along with N, P, and K. 

Racer is a 100% sulfate-based nutrient, which will allow for immediate plant uptake and use, according to Kopesky. Racer is a homogeneous granule that is uniformly comprised of the six key secondary nutrients necessary for higher yielding crops.

  1. 16% Sulfur - Building block for proteins; essential for nitrogen fixation.
  2. 16% Zinc - Essential for early growth; used in protein formation and hormone production.
  3. 8% Manganese - Aids chlorophyll formation; enzyme catalyst for carbohydrates and nitrogen transformation.
  4. 5% Iron – Essential for chlorophyll formation, cell division, and growth.
  5. 1% Boron - Necessary in conversion of carbohydrates into protein.
  6. 0.5% Copper - Component of enzymes involved with photosynthesis and energy production.

Racer has a low pH of 4.5, which increases nutrient availability for the crop and decreases nutrient tie up in the soil due its chelation, or buffering affect.

“The recommended use rate for Racer,” said Kopesky, “depends heavily on soil tests but ranges from 3-9 lbs./ac. Depending on tillage practices, Racer can be banded or placed in strip till applications.

Talk to your Federated Agronomist to see if Racer DSA is right for your crops in 2018.