Palace™: Another Option for Pre-Emerge and Burndown Portfolio

Palace label screen shot

Spring planting yields summer weeds, and a strong herbicide portfolio will help control the toughest grasses and broadleaf weeds. Federated recommends private-label Palace™ for both pre- and post-emerge weed control.

“[Palace] can also be used as a burndown,” said John Swanson, Federated agronomist at the Ogilvie location.

Palace is a combination of S-Metolachlor (Dual II Magnum®) and mesotrione (Callisto®). Swanson said pre-emerge use rates range from 2-2.4 qt./ac., with the heavier rate on soils with >3% organic matter. 

“For post-emerge, we can use rates of 1.15 -1.6 qt./ac.,” he said, adding that “it is important to use the correct rate for your soil type: lighter rates for lighter soils, and heavier rates for heavier soils.” Higher rates provide more residual weed control.

Palace applied post-emerge does not provide post grass control. However, “in glyphosate-tolerant corn, glyphosate makes a great tank mix partner to clean up the grasses,” he said. Other good tank mix partners include atrazine and Stinger®. Swanson explained that atrazine helps improve the weed control of the mesotrione while Stinger at 3-4 oz./ac. can be used to help control tough giant ragweed. 

Swanson also noted the importance of adding a surfactant and a water softener in post-emerge applications (for example, 1 qt./100 gal. of Tradition 93® surfactant with AMS).

The “hidden advantage” of Palace, said Swanson, “is that if we get our corn sprayed early, we should have more time for spraying our soybeans later in the season when weeds are becoming an issue and timing is so critical.”

Talk to your local Federated Agronomist to determine how Palace can fit your herbicide portfolio this year. View Palace label here.