Fertilizer + Dual II Magnum® SI = Better Weed Control

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For early season control of grasses and small seeded broadleaves, Federated recommends Dual II Magnum® SI to help create a wider window for post applications, according to Rod Gustafson, Federated Agronomist at the Albertville location.

Dual II Magnum SI is a Group 15 herbicide with no known resistance and it offers another mode of action to control weed resistance on all types of corn and soybeans. It helps control annual grasses such as foxtail and crabgrass, as well as small seeded broadleaves such as tall waterhemp and pigweed. At a use rate of 1.5 pts./ac., it can be applied pre-plant, pre-plant incorporated (worked into the top two inches of the soil), or pre-emerge. (See label.)

Dual II Magnum SI can be impregnated into bulk dry fertilizer of 200 lbs. or more per acre. As part of a planned two-pass weed control program, Dual II Magnum SI is a “free ride because you are already applying the fertilizer,” said Gustafson. Contact your Federated Agronomist to learn more.