Counter Cold Soils with XLR-rate™

snowy field

Polar vortexes and sub-zero temps push the frost deep into the soil and spring soil temps will rise slowly. When planting presses on this spring – even in colder soils –  XLR offers a way to get nutrients flowing to the seeds. XLR-rate™ 7-23-5 is an 80% ortho-based liquid fertilizer.

“XLR-rate shines,” said Matt Kurtz, Federated’s Rush City ag center manager, “when it’s used in-furrow, especially in cold soils.” XLR-rate allows for immediate nutrient availability to the seed upon germination, giving tiny plants the nutrients they need to kick start growth in tough (cold soil) conditions.

“Immediate availability is important, especially in cold soils (below 60 degrees), because the soil microbes aren’t very active . . . meaning that they are not yet converting nutrients into a plant available form . . . the seedling is not able to [draw] nutrients from the soil,” said Kurtz.

XLR-rate at a rate of 3-5 gal./ac. (see label) bridges the gap from germination to the point at which the soil warms and nutrients become available through microbe activity.

XLR-rate offers these additional benefits:

  • - 100% seed safe,
  • - can be placed in-furrow or 2x2,
  • - easy to handle,
  • - blends well with a variety of products, such as USA 500 or 9% EDTA zinc.

Contact your Federated Agronomist with questions while wind chills drop – and be ready with XLR-rate when temperatures start to rise.