Communication & Teamwork: Key to Custom Application Services

JD sprayer

Federated provides custom application services for both crop protection and dry fertilizer. “We take custom application seriously,” said Tim Stelter, manager at Federated’s Osceola location. “It is a service that requires a lot of work, training, certification, on Federated’s side, and a lot of trust, on the grower’s side.” Photo: Osceola's new John Deere sprayer.

“We are the professionals,” he said, and “we try our very best,” emphasizing that the communication piece between Federated applicators and growers is an essential component of successful application services. “The more planning there is ahead of time, the better,” he said.

One of the biggest challenges applicators face each year is nailing down field location – “that’s often the biggest hang-up in the spring,” said Stelter. Getting things mapped out in advance (as in now, before planting begins) is one way to help ensure timely and proper application.

Applicators need accurate field/field entrance locations (and “remember, said Stelter, “just like the farmers’ [equipment], our equipment is getting bigger – we need bigger driveways and turnarounds”).

And, applicators need to see every grower’s signed 2019 Product Service Policy before application begins.

Stelter said, “If a grower can be there when [the applicator] shows up,” that can really help the process. Of course, timing and schedules don’t always allow that, but “if they are there when we get there, they can point out the fields and tell us about wet spots or weeds – or the neighbor’s dog,” Stelter said with a chuckle.

Stelter emphasized the team aspect of application services. “We need the exchange of info” to make the team successful. Contact your Federated Agronomist to discuss application services – or, said Stelter, “if you bought a sprayer this year [and won’t be using Federated services], let us know,” since Federated makes application plans based on their most current information.