Choices, Choices, Choices in Sulfur Products

S element symbol

Sulfur (S) may not be among the “big 3” nutrients – N, P, and K – but that doesn’t mean sulfur shouldn’t get prime consideration. Choosing the right sulfur for 2018 fields comes down to five five options from Federated, according to Bob Marquette, agronomist at the Albertville location.

  1. Ammonium sulfate (AMS). This choice offers 24% S as well as 21% N. “It is a more quick release and quickly available form of sulfur,” said Marquette.
  2. Elemental sulfur. This option is 90% S and is slow release. Because sulfur leaches out of the soil profile quickly, it needs to be replace quite often – twice per season in corn, once a planting and once again at tasseling.
  3. Gypsoil. For growers who want a choice that offers calcium too, Gypsoil provides 16% S as well as 22% Ca. “Calcium, in the right quantities, helps with soil amendments,” said Marquette.
  4. K-Mag® is a fourth choice that supplies 22% S and 22% K (potash), as well as 11% magnesium. Most growers who choose K-MAG, according to Marquette, are looking for the K in this sulfur product.
  5. MESZ (MicroEssentials® SZ™) is recommended by Federated for growers who want season-long nutrient availability in one product. MESZ supplies N, P, S, and Zn.

Sulfur can also be added to liquid fertilizers for those growers who prefer liquid over dry fertilizer. The only issue, Marquette said, “is that it is hard to get a lot of sulfur into liquid.” If a grower is willing to do the frequent refills on the planter, it’s possible to get enough liquid starter on the crop, “but there won’t be enough P and K, so that will need to be broadcast dry,” he added.

Federated Agronomists are ready to help growers make the sulfur choice that fits best. Give your local agronomist a call soon and get your 2018 choices nailed down.