Agronomy Help from a Service-Oriented ‘Local Guy’

John Swanson

John Swanson – known as ‘Swanny’ to many – has served Federated growers as an agronomist since 1999. He started in the Princeton location, but has been in Ogilvie for well over a decade.

Swanson (pictured) is a “local guy,” growing up in Braham and earning his bachelor’s degree in agriculture and agronomy from the U of MN-St. Paul. He interned as a crop scout with Centrol Crop Consulting while he attended college, and did Soybean research with Asgrow for half a year before joining Federated.

Federated has changed and grown significantly in the 19 years since he came on board. “The buildings that were here [in Ogilvie] when I first started are all gone and have been replaced with improved facilities and much more equipment,” he said. Changes that have improved Federated’s service to customers.

“I am a service-oriented agronomist who likes to help growers solve problems and be profitable,” he said, which is in keeping with Federated’s pledge to be a company with “People who care. Products you trust. Value for life.”

Swanson added, “I am [also] a relationship-oriented person, and enjoy getting to know my customers and their families.” Swanson and his wife Stacie have a young son and daughter who are being raised in the local Braham community as well.

Swanson and the entire team of Federated Agronomists provide a wide range of services to growers, including (but not limited to): soil sampling, fertility management, crop protection/chemical recommendations, crop scouting, weed, disease, and insect management, seed advice, crop pest and disease diagnosis. And, as Swanson said, “help growers be more profitable.”

Talk to Swanson or your local Federated Agronomist about any crop or farm management concern and let them help you improve profitability.