Agronomy and Petroleum. An Unwitting Pair.

Robby Reinking

Wearing two hats to work every day is just part of the job for Rob Reinking (pictured). In addition to working with growers on Federated’s ag side as a sales agronomist (at the Albertville location), Reinking also handles oil and lubricant sales across all Federated locations and service areas.

Reinking enjoys being able to provide both agronomic and petroleum information to Federated patrons. He said, “People know they will see the same face for multiple products and services” when they call him.

Reinking, a Minnesota boy who grew up just outside of Albertville, worked on a dairy farm throughout middle and high school before he went on to earn his B.S. in agronomy and crop management from Southwest Minnesota State University. He is no stranger to the many challenges growers face when it comes to managing their farms.

Applying his science and technology training to the fuel side of the business, Reinking said that premium diesels can make a big difference on the farm. Federated carries Roadmaster KL® and Ruby Fieldmaster® diesels, along with other petroleum products for farms.

Roadmaster XL is a premium highway diesel fuel, and Ruby Fieldmaster is a premium off-road diesel fuel, both soy-enhanced premium diesel, and both Cenex ® products. Premium diesel offers:

  • an injection stabilizer, which prevents internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) and saves on repairs;
  • detergents that clean the fuel system and improve fuel efficiency (up to 5%) and power (by 4.5%), as compared to typical #2 diesels;
  • cetane improver for better cold weather starts and to reduce strain on engines and electrical systems, which reduces down time;
  • lubricity improver – friction-reducing agents; (10-15% better than typical #2 diesels);
  • demulsifiers, which force water to the bottom of the tank;
  • corrosion inhibitors, which prevent rust on metal parts;
  • storage stabilizers, which extend storage life by 3-6 months by improving the fuel’s ability to tolerate temperature extremes.

As Reinking wears his two hats on the farm, he helps growers get smoother running engines and cleaner fuel systems, which translates into farm equipment that’s set for crop production, not repair jobs.

Reinking recommends Ruby Fieldmaster, a bio-diesel, because it supports the soybean industry; it mixes better compared to other bio sources because of its soybean base.

While Federated makes custom diesel blends for wintertime, talk to Reinking about spring diesel needs before the rush hits: “You will see me anywhere from fuel to fertilizer to driving a truck, or doing application. I’m a utility man,” he said. Contact him or your local Federated Agronomist with petroleum product questions.