Add Gypsum to Fall Fertilization Plans

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Gypsum offers benefits beyond sulfur and calcium (see article above) as a fall fertilizer option. "Gypsum helps improve soil structure, which leads to better seed-to-soil contact," said John Swanson, Federated agronomist at the Ogilvie location, adding there are also long-term benefits to gypsum applications:  

  • reduces crusting and improves germination;
  • does not reduce soil pH because it is net neutral (unlike AMS, which is acidic);
  • improves water use efficiency;
  • helps prevent water logging in soils;
  • helps plants absorb nutrients;
  • decreases the bulk density (compaction) of the soil;
  • increases crop rooting depth;
  • decreases N losses to the air.

Additionally, gypsum's impact on the soil properties can help decrease the incidence of white mold, a significant issue this year (see article below).

Federated recommends Gypsoil™ Blendable, a consistent durable gypsum pellet that can be simply blended with other fertilizers for consistent application. "Talk to your local Federated Agronomist," said Swanson, "for more information and crop-specific use rates, as well as soil amendment use rates based on your soils."