Acuron® Works on the Tough Ones

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The TV ads show weeds laughing … until Acuron hits … but it’s no laughing matter when the tough weeds choke out a crop. Because of the mounting need for strong pre-emerge herbicides, Federated recommends Acuron® herbicide (by Syngenta) for pre-emerge and early post corn applications.

Acuron is a “premier product,” according to Ryan Peterson, Federated’s custom applicator manager at the Osceola location, because it works very well on giant ragweed, waterhemp, and lambsquarter (among other weeds). And too, “Acuron is a great tank partner with glyphosate,” he said.

Acuron has four ingredients and three “complimentary, overlapping” modes of action (see Acuron brochure). These ingredients help provide strong residual control in the fight against glyphosate-resistant weeds:

  • - Bicyclopyrone
  • - Mesotrione
  • - S-metolachlor
  • - Atrazine

Acuron is safe for crops in pre- and post-emerge applications; it can be applied from 28 days pre-plant up to 12-inch corn.

Acuron application rates for pre-emerge applications are 2-3 qt./ac., depending upon soil texture, and for post-emerge, rates are 1-2 qt./ac., also depending upon soil texture. Peterson stressed the need to read and follow label instructions. Under the right conditions, Acuron at its full rate can potentially provide one-pass weed control. (See detailed weed control options).

Talk to your Federated Agronomist about making Acuron part of your 2019 weed management plans (see previous article).