The 411 on Seed Treatment from Federated

seed treatment bins

Seed treatment is a “great insurance policy” for growers, according to Cody Lezer, Federated’s seed warehouse manager at Ogilvie. Seed is expensive, but treatment is “a relatively cheap way to protect the seed from issues that can arise throughout the growing season.”

“Seed treatments help plants from Day 1,” said Lezer, “and can improve stand counts and promote better root growth to help plants find nutrients.”

Here’s the info:

Federated has a state-of-the-art automated KSI seed treating facility in Ogilvie, MN, including bulk storage capacity for 14,000 units of soybeans.

Federated offers multiple seed treatment mixes.

     For soybeans:

  • - CruiserMaxx/Vibrance (fungicide, insecticide)
  • - Clariva Complete (fungicide, insecticide, protection from soybean cyst nematode)
  • - Warden RTA (fungicide)

     For wheat:

  • - Raxil Pro MD fungicide

Two bulk delivery trucks service Federated growers.

Seed treatment requires 48-hour notice when requesting seed.

Get the 411 on seed treatment pricing and additional info from your Federated Agronomist.