2017 Discovery Plots Days Wrap Up, with Thanks


Thanks to a great team of growers and Discovery Plot cooperators, Federated was once again able to offer bottom line value to growers across our service area. A special thank you to the following Discovery Plot cooperators:

Paul & Janet Bostrom Farm - Isanti

Lenneman Farms - St. Michael

Doug & Lori Lezer Farm - Sauk Rapids

Cramaur Farms - Rush City

Nathan & Sue Nelson Farm - Hinckley

Steffen Farms - Ogilvie

Larry & Sharon Wilhelm Farm - Princeton

Craig, Janet, & Neil Gustafson Farm - Osceola

"Discovery Plots are another example of Federated's commitment to provide local information to you, our customers," said Craig Gustafson, Federated's eastern area agronomy manager. The plots provide real-time, true-to-the-farm information that sharpens the knowledge base of the Federated agronomy team.

The plot days were very well attended and included group interaction, good discussions on crop protection product choices, crop management and planning, and the tools for effective weed control.

Watch the Agronomy Update for Discovery Plot reports as the crops are harvested and various product research trials are assessed.

Thank you once again to everyone who attended a Discovery Plot tour. If you were unable to attend, you can contact your local Federated Agronomy location to arrange a tour of your nearest plot.