"It seems like it gets earlier every year," said Craig Loen, Federated agronomist at the Osceola location, and "once again it is time for ordering seed," he said.

Knowing what to plant isn't as easy

Kevin Carlson, Federated's senior agronomist, offered this reminder: "As fields are harvested, give us a call to take soil samples. It's quick and easy once the crops are off. This important crop mana

Post-harvest lime applications are the best, according to Tim Stelter, Federated agronomist at the Osceola location. "As soon as you get the crop off, before you till it, apply lime," he said, adding

Whether it's for weed control or to prepare a field for a different crop next season, fall burndown programs will help lighten the workload when spring rolls in.

Fall burndown also can provide better

As fall fertilizer plans take shape, it's time to make sure soil sample results are current. "If you don't have a good and recent soil sample," said Kevin Carlson, Federated's senior agronomist, "it's

Whether near the farm or while moving equipment from field to field through cities and towns, road safety is a major concern. The general public doesn't see farm equipment, and when they do, they freq

School's back in session and it's time to harken back to chemistry class to determine what important elements are needed in the fields. What comes into play for next year's crops: S, P, K, Ca, N?


Gypsum offers benefits beyond sulfur and calcium (see article above) as a fall fertilizer option. "Gypsum helps improve soil structure, which leads to better seed-to-soil contact," said John Swanson,

One of the most common questions right now, according to Kevin Carlson, Federated's senior agronomist, is what to do about white mold.

"The conditions were pretty good for white mold to develop this