Plan to Buy 2016 Seed Early

"It's time to think about seed for 2016," said Bob Marquette, Federated agronomist at the Albertville location. "The planning process includes figuring out what mix of corn and beans (or wheat or alfalfa) is best for your farm," he said.looking down corn rows

And, you'll get a better price.

Federated offers seed from a strong list of suppliers: Asgrow/DeKalb, NK/Syngenta, Croplan, Legend, Renk, and Mycogen.

"The seed companies will be rolling out their programs soon," said Marquette, and with the programs come savings - better deals for early purchases.

"The best cash discounts will run until Nov. 17th," he said, "and your Federated Agronomist will soon be calling to fill you in on the early deals," Marquette added. If early pay is not an option, Federated has financing options to fit any budget.

"Do a yield check (contact Federated and have us bring out the weigh wagon) and if you have a variety that is a bin buster or one that you like better than anything else, order early," he said, to be sure you get what you want when you want it next spring.

Don't hesitate to call any one of the Federated Agronomists if you are ready to go on seed orders before you get the call from one of them!