Nutrition is Essential. MicroEssentials Makes it Easy.

Crop nutrition is made easier with MicroEssentials. "Everything is all in one pellet," said Ron Paulson, manager of Federated's Isanti location. MicroEssentials, by Mosaic, is a starter fertilizer that combines all the nutrients in one granule -- which, as Paulson put it, "is the whole deal that delivers uniform nutrient distribution."

The traditional method of adding sulfur, phosphorous, and zinc to starter fertilizer doesn't ensure that nutrients are evenly spread across the field, but MicroEssentials solves that problem with a patented Fusion technology (see video below).

MicroEssentials contains 12% nitrogen, 40% phosphorus, 10% sulfur, and 1% zinc. It includes two forms of sulfur, both the quick-acting sulfate that plants need early, and the long-lasting elemental sulfur that won't be gone with the first heavy rains (especially in sandy soils).

Paulson noted that "MicroEssentials offers a yield advantage, too," based on field testing. It's crop nutrition for the 21st century that works. Contact your Federated Agronomist to learn more.

See video