No Such Thing as Too Much Safety

Tom Rausch, Federated's safety director, reminds everyone that farm accidents are usually avoidable with a little extra care, and proper attention to equipment and the people who use it.

Stay aware, and use this simple checklist throughout the growing season.

  • Is all farm equipment in proper working order, with all parts properly secured?
  • Are machinery safety guards and other protective features kept in place?
  • Is equipment turned off, hydraulics lowered, and keys removed before leaving equipment unattended?
  • Is proper eyewear worn when working on equipment?
  • Is loose clothing removed or tucked in securely when approaching any moving parts on machinery?
  • Are product labels intact - and read before use?
  • Are chemicals locked up and out of reach of children?
  • Are children kept away from tractors and machinery and not allowed to operate or ride as passengers on any equipment?
  • Are equipment operators - growers, family members, hired hands - getting enough sleep so they are alert on the job?
  • Is there a plan in place in case of accidents or injury - who to call, etc.?

Federated looks forward to serving growers all the way to harvest!  Safety is no accident.