Key Nutrients Available in MicroEssentials®

combine unloading cornAs growers pull crops off the field and start to look at fall fertilizer application, it's time to reevaluate what products to put down this fall. "For many of our farmers, MicroEssentials® might be an excellent fit for their fall fertilizer programs," said Carter Ash, assistant manager at Federated's Ogilvie location 

MicroEssentials offers considerable advantages to growers who put down DAP in the fall.

  • It offers a much more even spread of micronutrients throughout the soil profile.
  • The chemical makeup of the granules causes a slight decrease in pH, which makes the phosphorous more readily available to the plants.
  • A comparable custom fertilizer blend that matches the nutrient levels of phosphorous, sulfur, and zinc available in MicroEssentials would cost 11% more, which, according to Ash, "is probably the best reason that MicroEssentials would be a good move for your fall fertilizer program."

Soil sampling will reveal your fields' actual nutrient needs (see article above), and if you know you are going to need sulfur and/or zinc on your fields for the 2016 growing season, Federated recommends MicroEssentials to help restore those nutrients in fall fertilizer applications. (Read this MicroEssentials fact sheet.)

Contact your Federated Agronomist for more information, or to schedule custom application.