Greater Yields Mean More Depleted Soils

"We're seeing corn yields at 200 bu./ac. and higher in a lot of situations," said Kevin Carlson, Federated's senior agronomist, "and with the higher crop yields the nutrient removal rate is higher too."soil sampling tools

Soil sampling -- yes, we're saying it again -- soil sampling needs to be done now, to analyze the soil for next year's crops.

A 200-bu. corn crop removes 70 lbs. of phosphorous and 50 lbs. of potassium in the grain out of every acre. "To restore those nutrients," said Carlson, "converted to product, that means adding 150 lbs. DAP and 90 lbs. of potash per acre." That equates to about 250 lbs. of P and K (at a minimum) to be restored to reach the nutrient levels next year's crop will require (and that is assuming the soil started with sufficient levels this season).

A 60-bu. soybean yield, on the other hand, requires product application of 100 lbs. DAP and 125 lbs. potash per acre to put back what the soybeans took out of the soil.

This year's high yields took their toil on the soil on every farm. Soil sample now, apply nutrients this fall and/or in the spring, and prepare for a great 2016 growing season. Contact your Federated Agronomist with questions, or to schedule grid sampling or VRT application services.