EnliteĀ® Battles Tough Weeds with Pre-Emerge Control

Pre-emerge herbicides on soybeans are gaining ground. Enlite®, from Dupont®, helps fight the battle against tough, glyphosate-resistant weeds and weeds that get too large, too fast, such as waterhemp, lambsquarter, and giant and common ragweed.

"While post-emerge herbicides remain standard, what used to be true only in corn has proven true in soybeans: waiting to kill weeds with only post-emerge herbicides is a sure way to give up yield," said Bruce Carlson of DuPont.

Waterhemp, which is now commonly glyphosate resistant, is one of Enlite's primary targets as this tough weed emerges all season long, grows very quickly (1-1.25 in./day), and produces prolific seeds (2500+/plant) that remain viable for several years.

Enlite offers two modes of action (with three active ingredients), can be used in any tillage system, and can be applied up to two weeks ahead of planting and up to three days after planting. (It must be applied before soybeans crack the soil surface.) Enlite also provides excellent burndown and long residual control on many annual and perennial weeds. Its effectiveness on broadleaves and early grasses means a wider window for post treatments. Enlite is applied at 2.8 oz./ac., alone pre-emerge, or in a tank mix with glyphosate if weeds are present (see fact sheets).

Contact your Federated Agronomist to learn more about the benefits of Enlite pre-emerge herbicide on soybeans.