Adjuvants Serve More than One Purpose

Not only do adjuvants improve the effectiveness of herbicide and insecticide applications, they can also help control drift and improve retention. Plexus® and Array® are solid adjuvant choices for use with many herbicides and insecticides.

Array is an AMS-based adjuvant that conditions hard water and improves herbicide absorption by the plant. Array increases spray deposition, and improves retention and canopy penetration, according to Dale Hanson of Rosen's. ( AMS-based adjuvants are not approved for the RR 2 Xtend soybean system. See notes in article above.)

Plexus likewise improves the performance of the physical properties of the herbicide or insecticide application by increasing penetration at the cuticle and cellular levels. It is easy to use, has a low rate, and is more efficient than other adjuvants.

For dicamba-tolerant soybeans (RR 2 Xtend) the list of approved adjuvants is continually changing. Growers/applicators are required by law to access the product labels within seven days of using the dicamba products. Contact your Federated Agronomist for adjuvant recommendations and application guidelines.